Meet The Board

The IAHE Board of Directors

Steve & Penny TaylorSteve & Penny Taylor reside near Stilesville, Indiana (Putnam County).  Steve serves as President of the IAHE.  Steve and Penny are the parents of nine children, ranging in age from 17 to 34 years of age, and have homeschooled for 29 years. They served as Regional Reps for ten years prior to joining the Board. Their family is active in 4-H with archery, shooting sports, and livestock projects. With some children now married, they are enjoying a new season of life – that of being grandparents – and passing the baton to the next generation of home educators.

Phil & Debi KetronPhil & Debi Ketron reside in Guilford, Indiana (Dearborn County).  Phil serves as Vice President and Secretary of the IAHE. Debi serves as the IAHE Legislative Director.  They served as IAHE Region 8 Representatives for five years before joining the Board of Directors.  They homeschooled for 21 years, and their four children are homeschool graduates.  The two oldest have earned bachelor degrees, one of which is a CPA, and their two youngest children are currently in college.  The Ketrons had been involved in homeschool leadership in southeastern Indiana for many years.  They hope to be a blessing to the families of Indiana through their service at the IAHE.

Frank & Jackie FranksFrank & Jackie Franks reside in Pendleton, Indiana (Madison County) on their 80 acre farm. Frank serves as Treasurer of the IAHE. They have home educated and graduated their children Caleb, Rebecca, and John-Paul. Another daughter Amy lives in Austin, TX, with her husband and three sons. Seeing the faults of how they lived their early lives, they decided to, with God’s help, raise adults committed to Christ. They felt the best way to do this was to intentionally homeschool and disciple. Without discipleship, they feel that the results of home education will be no better or worse than any other form of education.

Mark & Tara BentleyMark & Tara Bentley first entered the homeschooling world in 2001 when they decided to pull their oldest daughter from the public school system. Looking back, it’s clear to see how God directed each step of their journey. Their oldest daughter has since graduated from college and their youngest graduated from their homeschool in the spring of 2014. Mark and Tara have been active in their local homeschool community for many years and consider it a blessing to serve other families as they seek support and encouragement while beginning their own homeschool journey. Tara is a monthly columnist at and actively blogs about homeschooling and curriculum reviews at

Dan Shawn King live in Clinton, Indiana, with their four children, Danny (15), Abbie (13), Noah (12), and Emily (10) and have been homeschooling for over 13 years, since their oldest was first ready for preschool learning.  The Kings believe that the home is the best place to learn a love for God and a love for the Bible, as well as to nurture Godly character qualities in their children.
Dan is the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church and enjoys working with the youth in the community.   Shawn and the children are always close at hand, and the family stays tightly knit by serving, playing, and learning together as much as possible.  Homeschool co-op classes, field trips, church youth group activities, hiking, fishing, 4H programs, and a small home business all provide just the right amount of family fun.
Dan and Shawn have actively been involved in the homeschool community and count it a privilege to serve as Board members for IAHE.

You can also contact board members through the office.

Donate to IAHE

Donate to IAHE

Since 1983, the IAHE owes a debt of gratitude to the following couples for their tireless efforts as they served on the IAHE Board of Directors:

  • Judge Ken & Joyce Johnson *#
  • Mark & Ellen Bell *#
  • Doug  & Nancy Jesch *#
  • Dick & Susan Griffith #
  • Gary & Julie Olin #
  • Eric & Genny Zeller #
  • Phil & Marylou Sampley
  • Eldon & Susan Cain
  • Ric & Theresa Edwards
  • Linc & Nancy Mathis
  • Rick & Sherrie Payne
  • Steve & Cindy Morris
  • Stan & Marilyn Durnell
  • Steve & Cindy Byrkett
  • Greg & Kathleen Fowl
  • Brian & Delaine Thomas
  • Steve & Penny Taylor
  • Phil & Debi Ketron
  • Frank & Jackie Franks
  • Mark & Tara Bentley
  • Tom & Lisa Heady
  • Dan & Shawn King

* denotes founding Board members
# denotes original Board

If you notice errors or omissions on this list, please contact the IAHE office.

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