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Region 12:
Jeff & Millie Leis

Phone: 317-467-6244, Extension 212

Serving families in:
Orange, Washington, Scott, Crawford, Harrison, Floyd, and Clark County.

Welcome Region 12 families.

Our favorite thing about homeschooling is:

The ability to teach our children Truth every minute of the day and the wonderful discussions that come from those teachings. We love being together. 

Our region is blessed because:

We’re 30 mins from Southern Seminary where we have the opportunity to attend their Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We’ve listened to, met and spoken with Dr. Mohler, Dr. MacArthur, Dr. Youseff, Sean McDowell and many others.

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Jeff & Millie Leis

Jeff & Millie Leis

Region 12 Representative

Homeschooling since 2003.

Looking for a local support group, co-op or extracurricular activities? 

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