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Region 13:
Steve & Rebecca Barnes

Phone: 317-467-6244, Extension 213

Serving families in:
Madison, Delaware, Randolph, Henry and Wayne County.

Steve and Rebecca Barnes have been married for 27 years and have four daughters. They have homeschooled for over 14 years, graduating 2. They live on a small farm in rural Randolph County. They have a strong desire to help young families in Biblical living and parenting. Rebecca has served for approximately 10 years as a leader of Randolph County Christian Home Educators.

Our favorite thing about homeschooling is:

The closeness we have as a family.

Our region is blessed with:

Region 13 has great diversity and is predominantly rural.

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Steve & Rebecca Barnes

Steve & Rebecca Barnes

Region 13 Representatives

Homeschooling since 1998.

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