Region 2 Reps – Jason & Stacy Hanaway

Welcome to Region 2!

Your Region 2 Representatives are Jason and Stacy Hanaway. 260-350-0993

Jason and Stacy Hanaway

Homeschooling works!

Home education is simply the parents being responsible for their children’s total education. Part of this education may be delegated to another individual, such as a tutor, music teacher, coach, etcetera, but ultimately the parent controls and chooses the method of education. Homeschools are treated by the state as private schools. Indiana is a great state to homeschool students.

Home Education in Indiana is a fantastic handbook offered by the Indiana Association of Home Educators. This book helps with the questions of “Where do I start?”, “What are the laws that need to be followed to home educate?”, and “Where do I find curriculum?” You may find this book available at your local library or see links on the IAHE web site.

“The IAHE Informer” is a free quarterly magazine published by the Indiana Association of Home Educators. This magazine has articles on a variety of homeschooling topics and also informs home educators about upcoming state events and contests. All you need to do is call the office and ask to be placed on “The IAHE Informer” mailing list or sign up on The Informer page on the web site.

The IAHE State convention is one of the best home educating conventions around. Scores of workshops and a huge vendor hall full of curriculum is the place to be if you are looking for encouragement in homeschooling or desire to enhance your family’s spiritual growth. You will find messages to fit your needs each spring. Watch for more information for the spring convention on the website.

The IAHE website also hosts quite a few informational and encouraging articles. One article you may specifically be interested in looking at, is in the “How To” section called, “Transferring a Child from Public School to Homeschool”.

The homeschool support groups in Region 2 are wonderful. Almost every county offers a support group with co-op classes, sports, fieldtrips, parent meetings, and achievement testing. The Ft. Wayne Area Homeschoolers have numerous homeschool groups and activities and are the largest network of homeschoolers in our Region 2; therefore many families from all over northeast Indiana subscribe to their newsletter.  The Fort Wayne group also has their own web site that tells more about their group. The other groups are just as worthy so if you are interested in the contact names of a support group other than the Ft. Wayne group then please send an email with the county you live in and request the homeschool support group contact info.

May God bless your research.

Region 2 Support Groups & Co-ops

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Donate to IAHE

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