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Region 5:
Contact the IAHE Office

Phone: 317-467-6244, Extension 205

Serving families in:
Boone, Hendricks, Putnam, Parke, and Montgomery County.

There are support groups in every Region 5 county and veteran homeschoolers in every support group. So help, advice, and encouragement are available to homeschooling families whether you are new to the idea or a veteran, yourself, in need of refreshing. Every support group is unique, each offering something just a bit different from the others, so we recommend that you contact several groups in your area to find the right fit for your family. Some are highly organized co-ops with participation requirements; some are just moms getting together for encouragement; others fall somewhere in-between with a little of everything from which to choose. If there is no existing support group in your area, we’ll help you get one started!

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Region 5

Region 5

Region 5 Representative

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Looking for a local support group, co-op or extracurricular activities? 

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