Region 7 Reps – Shawn & Amy Canaday

Welcome to Region 7!

Region 7 includes Hamilton and Tipton Counties located just north of Indianapolis.

Your Region 7 Representatives are Shawn and Amy Canaday. 317-773-3855

Shawn and Amy are in their 9th year of homeschooling, since bringing their oldest daughter home from public school after 2nd grade. Their children are ages 16, 14, 12 and 7. The Canadays round out their academics by participating in their local 4H club, Procla!m speech and debate club, the Hancock County Children’s Choir, and other extracurricular interests. Shawn has worked in the software industry, writing software for 19 years. He spends his free time researching, designing and building a wide array of projects.

The Canadays have a heart to help and serve. They have enjoyed so many opportunities to meet other families in the region, especially over the last year. There are two main things Shawn and Amy hope to accomplish as Region Reps: 1) Encourage families that God has given them everything they truly need to educate and disciple their children at home and 2) Build up contact information and resources available to local families regarding support groups and co-ops, activities, and organizations that help us accomplish our goals with our children.

Region 7 Support Groups & Co-ops

Donate to IAHE

Donate to IAHE

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