Region 8 Reps – Bobby & Sherry Love

Welcome to Region 8!

Your Region 8 Representatives are Bobby & Sherry Love 812-290-5686.

We look forward to helping you learn and grow on your homeschool journey as we continue to do so on ours.


Looking for a general homeschool resource? The IAHE publishes a wonderful FREE magazine that is sent quarterly called The Informer.  It is full of wonderful articles that are sure to be a blessing to you.  You can sign up for it on the IAHE web site.

The best way to get connected with other homeschool families is by joining a homeschool support group.  Currently there are organized support groups in every area of Region 8 except Fayette County.  If you do not find one listed on the support group page, please contact us, and we can direct you the closest one that meets your needs.  You will find families that will be of tremendous help to you, and a group of people that can encourage you and enhance your home education experience.
There are also co-ops located in Dearborn, Franklin and Jefferson Counties.  Some families find this type of joint effort helpful in the teaching of their children.
Please be sure to join us each spring at our annual IAHE Home Educators Convention. There are encouraging workshops and loads of exhibitors.  You will come away blessed and encouraged.
Finally, you may be asking, “Where do I get curriculum?”  There are many sources of material.  We recommend getting the Rainbow Resource catalog to get you started.  It is a huge catalog with a short description of each item.
If you have other questions, please let us know.
Donate to IAHE

Donate to IAHE

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