2014 Convention Handouts

Jodi Smith

What is Good Nutrition? Find the YOU Diet

 Jodi Smith

Tasty and Nutritious Meals

 Jodi Smith  Hope for Tired Moms

 Carol Topp


Raising Grown Ups Handout



The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization Handout

Homeschool co-ops tips and traps Handout

 Cindy West

 Brain Training Workshop Notes

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Workshop Notes

Homeschooling Gifted Kids Workshop Notes

Homeschooling with Unit Studies Workshop Notes

 Becky Cooke Cooke – Building on a Sure Foundation

Cooke – High School Transcript Clinic with Recordkeeping Tips 

Cooke – Important Pit Stops during High School

Cooke-Developing a Plan for High School Seminar Outline

Cooke-The Scoop on Tests for Teens Seminar Outline

You Can Homeschool High School Seminar Outline




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