Many families find great joy in continuing their child’s education through high school at home.  Because course work is done for credit, and credits are needed for graduation, there are some special considerations in planning a student’s high school education.

Thousands of young people throughout the United States are graduating from home schools each year.  Many are going on to college, some are going straight to the work force, some are joining the military, and some are starting their own businesses.  What the statistics have shown is that the majority of home educated graduates are successfully moving into adulthood.

The means to home educate through adulthood are numerous.  Many suppliers have video materials to aid the parent in teaching these young people.  There are also textbooks written in a form for individual self study.  Tutors are available for subjects that the parents feel they are not qualified to teach.  Support Groups and Co-ops often hold classes in various subjects.  As the homeschool community has grown, so have the resources.  Each year at the annual convention, we see more and more specialized material for homeschooling your teen.

A great book to help you decide if home educating through high school is for your family is The High School Handbook by Mary Schofield.  Mrs. Schofield walks you through the various steps of completing a senior high school program with your student.  Cathy Duffy, in her book 101 Top Picks, explains the best curriculum to use in the high school years, subject by subject.

We now have had those who have gone before, who have successfully graduated young men and women from homeschooling.  Those who are now reaching this scary new level, can now move forward with less fear and more confidence, that they too can succeed.  If God has placed this desire in your heart, may you move forward and graduate sons and daughters prepared for adulthood.

Originally published in the Indiana Association of Home Educators’ book, Home Education in Indiana.