IN Tax Deduction

The IAHE has heard that some tax forms are asking for additional information requesting delineation between private schools and homeschools.  If you hear of a problem such as the DOE investigating those not registered or an attempt to limit the deduction to only those who are registered, please contact IAHE. According to our mission at […]

Home Education in Indiana

The Indiana Association of Home Educators publishes Home Education in Indiana. The information contained in our publication will now be found under the Articles section of this IAHE web site. The IAHE highly recommends HSLDA membership. Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of […]

The Problem With Home-Based Charter Schools

HSLDA’s Position on the Charter School Debate Charter schools are a new phenomenon rapidly gaining popularity across the country. All charter schools are created or “chartered” by public school boards, which establish a mission, educational program, and methods of assessment. Most charter schools are classroom based. However, some charter schools are home based. When parents […]

Where Do I Start?

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It is the hope of the IAHE that the information on our website will help you to make wise choices for your family.

Finding Local Support

The IAHE highly recommends that homeschooling families become a part of a local support group.  In Indiana there are nearly 250 support groups.  They all exist to provide encouragement, information, socialization, and friendship for homeschooling families.  However, just as homeschools differ, support groups differ.  Some are designed for educational purposes. Some focus on field trips […]

Home Education Works!

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Indiana is a great state in which to home educate students. Home educating families appreciate the freedoms and flexibility that homeschooling offers. Learning together, families love the special bond that is created within the home. Home education in Indiana gives students an excellent knowledge of academic subjects and prepares children to be extraordinary adults. The […]

Why the IAHE?

The freedom to educate our children at home is a blessing and a constitutional right. Did you know this right is something the IAHE has actively fought to protect for thirty years?