TeenPact Indiana – Early Bird Discount Deadline is January 15


Early Bird discount ends Thursday, January 15 TeenPact for 8 – 12 yr. olds at the Indiana Statehouse: Friday, March 20, 2015 // 10 am – 4 pm You might think 8-12 yr. old kids would be bored sitting at the Indiana Statehouse for a whole day learning about government. Not so! We have kids […]

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Indiana Supreme Court Strikes Down Overreach by State’s Civil Rights Commission


IAHE has been watching for this ruling since it was heard in the Indiana Supreme Court last winter. This case involved a homeschool group in Fishers, Indiana.  If the homeschool support group would have lost this case, it could have potentially impacted groups across the state of Indiana. Today, the Thomas More Society won an […]

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Over 500 Speech and Debate Judges Needed – No Experience Required

The National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA,) a national home school speech and debate league, will be hosting a tournament January 8-10 at Indiana University in Bloomington. Over 200 students ages 12-18 from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Kentucky will be competing in this three day event to earn a spot in our […]

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Save 30% & support the IAHE when you shop with Tiny Prints!


If you haven’t ordered your Christmas cards or gifts yet, it’s not too late. Check out the sitewide sale on Tiny Prints going on right now – 30% off everything. It’s the best remaining sitewide sale of the season, so don’t miss it. When you go to Tiny Prints and place your order, just use the promo code SW30SALE […]

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Public School Sports and the Homeschooler

The recording of the conference call with HSLDA’s attorney Tj Schmidt regarding Public School Sports and the Homeschooler is now available. Some of the questions addressed were: Are homeschoolers entitled to participate in classes at public schools? What can a parent do when a school district says homeschoolers cannot play sports at that particular public […]

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Education and Federal Funds: What’s the Big Deal?

Indiana Homeschool

Do you remember the recent kerfuffle in Indiana related to the federal Pre-K grant?  Governor Pence was the recipient of a lot of negative press regarding his decision to not apply for the grant. IAHE believes he did the right thing for the citizens of Indiana. Federal dollars always come with strings, and this grant […]

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Sandy Hook Killer and Misplaced Homeschooling Attention


Dr. Ray and NHERI just provided us with this piece: Sandy Hook Killer and Misplaced Homeschooling Attention By Brian D. Ray, Ph.D. www.NHERI.org A journalist interviewed me the other day. She was curious about the Sandy Hook Elementary School murderer and any connection with homeschooling. Although she is supposed to be “just a reporter asking […]

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Public School Sports & the Homeschooler: A Conference Call with HSLDA Attorney, Tj Schmidt


Public School Sports Questions?  This Conference Call is for YOU! IAHE has received questions from families across Indiana regarding participation in sports programs at their local public high school.  We were concerned when we learned that it was not unusual for schools to place more requirements on students than what was required in the IHSAA […]

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