Get Plugged In

There are now actually NINE different ways to stay connected with news from IAHE.

#1 – The IAHE Website

If you homeschool, sign up for a FREE account on this IAHE website.  Look for the link just below the log-in on the home page.  When you register, you will receive access to the Calendar, a Weekly Update, Legislative Updates, IAHE ID card, Forums, and Classifieds.

If you are considering homeschooling, no need for an account.  All the information you need to help you decide is on our public pages.  Look around.  If you have a question, contact your Regional Representatives, and they can assist you!

#2 – Subscribe to The Informer

The Informer is the IAHE’s quarterly magazine.  Sign up at the link.  Since mailing costs continue to increase, a $12 donation is suggested.  You can also read it online.

#3 – Regional Representatives

A veteran homeschooling couple in your Region serves as an IAHE Regional Representative. Get to know them.  They are a wealth of information.

#4 – Like Our Facebook Page

We have a very active page on Facebook. Be sure to “Like” our page and be a part of our  Facebook community!

#5 – Join Our Facebook Group

The IAHE Facebook Discussion and Chat Group is a place to interact and discuss issues with other homeschoolers.

#6 – Follow Our Pinterest Boards

Follow our helpful Boards.  You can find Convention information, Field Trip Ideas, Reading Lists, Free Curriculum, and all sorts of items that would interest Indiana homeschoolers!

#7 – Follow Us on Twitter

Do you tweet?  Follow IAHE on Twitter!

#8 – Follow Us on Google+

Add IAHE to your circles on Google+

#9 – Read the IAHE Blog

You will find helpful parenting and homeschooling advice and much more! We have a variety of authors and contributors that post regularly, so there’s plenty to read every month. Sign up to have it delivered to you by email.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in one of those 8 locations, be sure to check out the “Resources” page, where we have links and resources listed for a variety of other topics that will inform and educate you about homeschooling in Indiana and around the nation.

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