In continuation of our November blog series, we would like to thank another batch of our wonderful volunteers for the 2013 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention. Each of these people helped make our convention a success! 
Linda Owens
Salem Stegemiller
Jeff Cannaday
Aubrey Cannaday
Caitlin Cooper
Petrie Smith
Mariah Taylor
Gallory Taylor
Braeden Taylor
Declan Taylor
Bob Huffman
Melissa Huffman
Jennifer Smith
Don Smith
Lisa Thyr
Irene Silva
Aleisha Whitesell
Ashley Whitesell
Andrea Whitesell
Austin Whitesell
Gabe Smith
Miriam Smith
Phillip Balke  
Peter  Balke  
Daniel Balke
Mary Howard
Zeke Williams
Lydia Abbott 

Jeff Thomas
Deb Koval