Vincennes University 20th Annual Autumn Voices Creative Writing Contest

invitation 2014-2015

Attention high school students:  a creative writing contest for you! See the bottom of the post for pdfs to print off.     invitation 2014-2015 cover form 2014

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Beyond Trophies: Navigating the World of Competition With a Biblical Compass

The whole world is about competition.  From backyard races to the Olympics, 4-H projects to corporate promotions, sports to scholarships, and from music contests to family room Monopoly games, competition is everywhere.  Competition drives a free economy.  And even the IAHE sponsors photography, art, and essay contests at convention time.  The standards our children use […]

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SMART Competition Announcement

I want to introduce you to a high school STEM and CTE program that focuses on energy use, sustainability, the smart grid and building design:  the SMART Competition.  The competition provides a real-world technology driven solution to an energy use problem on a virtual high school campus.  The students create energy benchmarks, resolve green building […]

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