HSLDA Weighs in on New Part-Time Enrollment Policy Proposal at FWCS


IAHE was notified about a new part-time enrollment policy proposal being considered by the school board of the Fort Wayne Community Schools.  We asked HSLDA attorney who oversees Indiana law, Tj Schmidt, to evaluate the proposal from a legal perspective. As many of you may know, on April 29, 2013 the Indiana High School Athletic […]

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Welcome our New IAHE Region 6 Reps, Chris & Betty Broshears!

Region 6 Reps

IAHE is delighted to announce we have a complete Board of Directors and every Regional Representative position filled for all 16 Regions!   Please welcome Chris and Betty Broshears of Greenwood as our new Region 6 Representatives. Chris and Betty Broshears have been homeschooling for 9 years, all of them in Greenwood, where they are […]

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IAHE Has New Region 9 Representatives!

Millers R9

Toby and Cindy Miller have been married for 20 years and live with their 10-year-old daughter Sami, and their beloved bloodhound, Daisy Duke, in Brazil, IN.  They knew they wanted to homeschool early on and are in their 6th year now going strong.  They have been active in their local homeschool support group for several […]

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Homeschooling and Political Tolerance


This is Big News: The Homeschooled More Politically Tolerant? New research on political intolerance will likely surprise many people, especially negative critics of parent-led home-based education. . . . . We at IAHE believe in the work of NHERI.org and Dr. Brian Ray. Read the full article on tolerance by Dr. Ray here  and sign up […]

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IAHE Has a Complete Board of Directors

IAHE is pleased to announce that we now have a complete Board of Directors!  Dan and Shawn King have been serving as Region 9 Representatives and have agreed to join the Board. Dan and Shawn live in Clinton, Indiana, with their four children, Danny (15), Abbie (13), Noah (12), and Emily (10) and have been […]

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Voucher Viruses: Infection under the Guise of School “Choice”

I Stand with the IAHE

IAHE and HSLDA oppose vouchers for home schools due to the attached strings.  We believe it’s very important that homeschoolers understand the reasons why this “school choice” option is not helpful to our movement.  Dawn Kazmierzak’s blog post likens vouchers to a virus.   “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal […]

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Common Core Update: HACC and AFA Release Preliminary Report on the New “Draft” Indiana Standards for K-12 Math

(Shared by Request from Hoosiers Against Common Core.)   Today Hoosiers Against Common Core and the American Family Association of Indiana released a preliminary report, written by Ze’ev Wurman, on the new “draft” Indiana Standards for K-12 Math.  It is attached below.  HACC will be posting their press release on their website.     Ze’ev […]

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Indiana Home Education Week Proclaimed by Governor for February 23 through March 1


  Whereas, children represent the future of the State and require protection and nurturing in order to develop into well-adjusted citizens of the state; and Whereas, Indiana has a long and established history of promoting diverse and progressive methods of education, and has long recognized that a child’s development is best fostered when that child’s […]

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