IAHE was notified about a new part-time enrollment policy proposal being considered by the school board of the Fort Wayne Community Schools.  We asked HSLDA attorney who oversees Indiana law, Tj Schmidt, to evaluate the proposal from a legal perspective.

As many of you may know, on April 29, 2013 the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) changed their bylaws to permit homeschool students to participate in IHSAA sponsored extra-curricular activities.

Under the new IHSAA rule homeschool student are eligible to participate in these extra-curricular activities if they met certain requirements. The main requirements are that the student was homeschooled for the past three years and that he or she is enrolled in and attending a minimum of one full-credit subject offered within the local public school.

Since the IHSAA rule change a number of homeschool parents have sought to have their local school corporation’s part-time attendance policy changed. One school corporation that is considering such a change is Fort Wayne Community Schools Corporation. While HSLDA is generally neutral on the part-time participation of homeschool students within their local school corporation, we often review these polices to ensure they won’t negatively impact the broader homeschool community.



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Tj Schmidt

HSLDA Indiana Attorney