Whereas, children represent the future of the State and require protection and nurturing in order to develop into well-adjusted citizens of the state; and

Whereas, Indiana has a long and established history of promoting diverse and progressive methods of education, and has long recognized that a child’s development is best fostered when that child’s education is directed via private parental choice; and

Whereas, Indiana also recognizes that parents have a fundamental right to direct their children’s education, and has statutorily authorized home education as a legitimate method of education, and

Whereas, studies indicate that home education results in well-rounded, socially-adjusted, and productive members of society, and that home-educated children are generally fully-equipped to face the technical challenges of the modern workforce and the complexities of a heterogeneous society; and

Whereas, the citizens of Indiana commend home education’s important role in the development of a diverse, well-educated citizenry;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Michael R. Pence, Governor of the State of Indiana, do hereby proclaim February 23-March 1, 2014, as INDIANA HOME EDUCATION WEEK in the State of Indiana, and invite all citizens to duly note this occasion.


Homeschool Spirit Week Details can be found here.


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