Are you concerned about the amount of screen time your children receive?  It’s a topic that we discuss frequently in our home especially in regards to our new grandchild.  Our daughter’s request has been to severely limit the amount of screen time her child receives when she visits our home.  It appears that “Mother knows best”.

Homeschool mom, Dawn Kazmierzak, has a blog post with good information regarding how screen time effects the brain.  With the free curricular options, games, and books available online, we thought her post would be helpful to give parents additional information as they determine what is in the best interest of their children.

Brain Structure and Function Compromised by Screen Time

Matters of Great Consequence: Gray Matter, White Matter and Technology at the helm of “education” and labor.

Whether constructing a house, a highway, a Constitution, or a brain, one must pay particular attention to how one builds and who does the building.

Shades of Gray…and White.

The Brain is basically comprised of two types of cells: Neurons and glial cells. The Gray matter is comprised of the neurons, the cortex. The White matter is the glial cells; the cells that provide insulation (speeding conduction), nutrition and cleanup duties, and assist with processing functions of the Neurons.

While technology has been beneficial in providing imaging of gray matter and white matter, (including fancy names to describe these imaging techniques), what the images reveal is pretty common sense shocking.

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