Stop by the IAHE table at this event and say hello to our Region 2 Representatives, Jason & Stacy Hanaway!

WHERE: Huntington University Campus
Habecker Dining Commons Banquet Room
2303 College Avenue
Huntington, IN 46750

WHEN: Saturday, Sept 27, 2014
9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.

COST: Single Ticket: $35
Family Ticket: $45

Buy tickets here.

If you are a Single Parent, you are invited to come at no charge. Just email Joanne and let her know your name, how many kids will be attending with you, and which event you would like to attend (city and state).

Each SPA Event is designed for parents, grandparents ~ if desired, and especially students about age 8 and up. Whole families are welcome and encouraged to attend together!

LUNCH: Available at the campus dining room for $6 per person.

IF YOU PLAN TO EAT AT HU, please email Janine Petry so we can provide the college with a head count.

You may certainly bring a lunch or visit a local eatery.

CONTACT: Janine Petry
Mobile: 630.605.6066

First, Some Perspective

Raising extraordinary children is never an easy thing. For some reason, no complete User Manual accompanies the birth of your child. Becoming a family unit is not a simple matter either.

Taking two people who have been united in marriage and dropping a little bundle of joy into their collective laps is enough to cause even the occasional panic attack. If you are a single parent, you have a tougher role, but raising great kids can be done alone or with a spouse! Home-education can be accomplished by single parents just as well as by those in two-parent households.

Here are just a few questions Joanne will answer:

Discover the three elements that work together to give children the ultimate advantage in life, what gives them an edge, and what makes them extraordinary! Is it genetics? Upbringing?
How can parents motivate their children to work with excellence?
What impact does parenting have on a child’s educational success?
How does self-learning prepare students well for the SAT and the ACT?
What curriculum is best for developing self-learning and mastery?
What kinds of expectations should be set with young children that will bring out the best in them as young adults?
Should students focus on their strengths or weaknesses in high school?
Is there some sort of system for teaching kids to teach themselves?
What is the one thing that holds home-educated students back more than anything else?
What do the Calderwood kids think about their rather unconventional educational upbringing?
Get the answers to these questions plus so much more!
We’ll be raffling off a $50 Gift Certificate for products at our Huntington event! You’ll receive three raffle tickets (at the door) by pre-registering and purchasing your ticket online.
Attendees who purchase their tickets at the door will receive one raffle ticket.

The SPA Schedule:
Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.

9:30am Session One: Parenting is Paramount
Joanne presents the first element of The SPA Advantage, and this element is responsible for setting the tone for the parent-child relationship for their entire collective lives. Dads play a vital role in the lives of their children and–in large part–determine the health of the family. Mom’s attitude sets the tone for husband and children. Yikes! How can two imperfect human beings create an atmosphere of family fusion vs. family feud?
Single parents will benefit enormously from this session as well!

When parents utilize the first element of The SPA Advantage, amazing things happen within the home: peace and joy abound! Okay, there are those not-so-good days, but when you have laid the foundation for a happy home, the not-so-good days are few and far between.

Attitude is everything! Learn how to foster an atmosphere of love and respect in your home that translates to peaceful relationships between family members. Good kids don’t just happen! (Note: this session is wonderful for children to be a part of because they are going to hear some things from Joanne that they’ve probably been hearing from you, but when it comes from someone other than Mom and Dad, it tends to stick.)

A NEW addition to this session is a look at Emotional Intelligence, what it is and why it is a better predictor of a student’s future success than IQ. Fascinating stuff!
10:45 – 11:00am Break

11:00am Session Two: The Keys to the Car
While the first element of The Advantage yields excellence in attitude and behavior, the second and third elements enable students (and parents) to celebrate homeschool FREEDOM! Even in home education, the shocking truth is that many educators fail to motivate their children because they don’t foster the second and third elements of The Advantage in the home.

We’ll show you how to develop a Yes-I-Can attitude in your children. You’ll learn how to tell if you are holding your students back, then how to stop holding your students back, how to let go of the bicycle, and ultimately how to hand over the keys to the car — educationally speaking.

12:00 – 1:00pm Lunch Break

1:00pm Session Three: The 5 Steps to Self-Teaching Success
Joanne will give you and your children the simple 5-step process to becoming self-teaching! This session is a hands-on how-to that answers all your questions about when to begin the process, what curriculum best lends itself to self-teaching, what part the parent plays in the process, and anything else you’ve ever wanted to know about self-teaching.

2:00 – 2:15pm Break

2:15 – 3:15 pm Session Four: To High School & Beyond!
One of the coolest parts of parenting is helping your children discover their unique gifts & abilities. In this session,we’ll look at how high school is just the next step in the self-learning journey; it is not to be feared. The teen years are full of excitement, and knowing how to prepare your teen for the next logical step following high school is definitely exciting! And yes, this part can be a little daunting.

You’ll get specific strategies on preparing your teens for stellar SAT and ACT and PSAT performance. They’ll hear what needs to be done and when in preparing for college entrance. Self-propelled kids tend to venture into the realm of entrepreneurial interests, a natural outgrowth of self-teaching. Yes, life following high school is wild and wonderful!

3:15 to 4:00pm Session Five: Ask the Calderwood Kids
Enjoy a Q&A session with our resident guinea pigs (said with all due love and respect). This is your family’sopportunity to get inside the heads of the ones who have been utilizing self-learning for their entire lives. Ask any or all of the Calderwood kids, young or young adults, the tough questions and get honest, straight-forward answers.

Be prepared for some wacky senses of humor, however. And yes, you pretty much can ask them anything. What is it like to transition to college? What about life after college? Ask the younger ones how they like self-learning, how they deal with subjects they don’t particularly like, or how they stay motivated, and you’re guaranteed to generate some interesting answers.

This is seriously an opportunity for you and your children to find out what makes self-learners tick in various areas of their lives. It is also the most popular session of the day, as espoused by former SPA conference attendees.

Our goal is to share those things that have made our home-education journey UNDERwhelming and which truly will give kids an edge both now and when they leave home.

We hope that ~ more than anything ~ you leave this one-day conference with a game plan for implementing the life-changing and family-strengthening elements of
The Self-Propelled Advantage.

Get your tickets NOW!

Joanne Calderwood

Joanne Calderwood