Connections:  The Brain Development Seminar for parents of struggling learners

Virginia Largent is a Christian neurological reorganization specialist, home school advocate and director of the Virginia Beach School of the Arts.  She is coming to Indianapolis for an event for parents of struggling learners. Virginia was referred to IAHE by Special Needs Consultant, Krisa Wynn, of HSLDA.

Neurological reorganization is a process which develops and connects brain regions in response to sensory motor activities. In plain English, this changes kids’ brains.

Add/ADHD, autism, academic, behavioral, emotional and social delays are all caused by parts of the brain not being fully connected or mature. When these delays are present because of genetics, the environment or injury, the brain can actually be changed and the connections made so these symptoms improve and many times even go away. There are children who are getting their diagnosis reversed, coming off of medication under a Dr’s supervision, grades going from C’s,’D’s, and F’s to A’s and B’s. Parents are reporting the total absence of nuclear meltdowns after just 3 weeks of doing these specific movements.

Marian University at St. Vincent Health is bringing her in to train parents of special needs kids how to do this. Connections: The Brain Development Seminar will be presented at Marian University August 1 & 2. Friday night is 7-9 pm, Saturday is 9 am – 3 pm

Here is a link to her website Connections: The Brain Development Seminar to learn more and to read testimonials.

Connections:  The Brain Development Seminar

Connections: The Brain Development Seminar