Some Thoughts on HR 5


IAHE received this note from attorney, Will Estrada, of HSLDA.  Reposted with permission. Friends, As you know, HSLDA is neutral on H.R. 5. You can see our article here.  HSLDA’s stated position is that the U.S. Department of Education should be closed, and all education decisions returned to the states, which obviously H.R. 5 does […]

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Dr. James Milgram’s Devastating Testimony Regarding Common Core Math Standards

Indiana Homeschool

MUST HEAR information regarding the Common Core Math Standards from Women on the Wall in Texas. Dr. James Milgram shares very disturbing information regarding the Common Core Math Standards.  He is a Hoosier born mathematics expert and states that the Common Core Math Standards will destroy students’ ability to move into STEM careers. America’s place […]

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Data Collection and Homeschoolers


Indiana Network of Knowledge is Indiana’s State-wide Longitudinal Data System The new Indiana state educational standards still contain a high percentage of Common Core standards, so homeschoolers must continue to stay informed regarding Common Core information.  This linked article from the Homeschool Handbook was written by Nicholas Tampio who is Assistant Professor of Political Science at […]

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Major Data Privacy White Paper Released

Pioneer Institute

One of the many concerns related to Common Core are  the assessments and the intrusive and massive amount of data collected from those tests.  It is important to note that these tests are assessments; therefore, they are different than the achievement tests many of us have given to our children.  Even though Indiana no longer […]

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