MIT Research Competition for High School Students

The INSPIRE student group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is pleased to host MIT INSPIRE, a national research competition in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, organized by MIT students exclusively for high school students. The first of its kind on a national scale, INSPIRE enables students to showcase and present original research in one of thirteen fields: political science; history; cultural studies; economics; women’s and gender studies; literature; music research; media; art and architecture; linguistics; philosophy; anthropology; and science, technology, and society. Expert judges will award prizes for the most outstanding work in each category. We invite high school students to participate by submitting entries and competing for awards. The final round of the competition will be held at MIT’s campus in Cambridge, MA in April 2016. We had a great first year. Last year, we awarded over $48,000 in prizes and 41 out of 95 projects that competed in the final round walked home with awards. Our website contains information regarding eligibility criteria and the application process. (See The first deadline, for abstract submission, will be in January 2016, and summer is a great time for students to work on their research projects. We look forward to your participation and are happy to answer any questions. Thank you. Sincerely, Kirby Ledvina VP of Outreach & Marketing MIT INSPIRE Website:

Beyond Trophies: Navigating the World of Competition With a Biblical Compass

The whole world is about competition.  From backyard races to the Olympics, 4-H projects to corporate promotions, sports to scholarships, and from music contests to family room Monopoly games, competition is everywhere.  Competition drives a free economy.  And even the IAHE sponsors photography, art, and essay contests at convention time.  The standards our children use to compete at Scrabble or Clue today will have direct bearing on how they conduct themselves as adults in whatever spheres God places them–whether business, home, or ministry. We need a biblical compass It is of paramount importance, then, that our children know how to navigate the world of competition with a biblical compass.  That is why I’m currently writing a series called Beyond Trophies.  Though the series was originally conceived in the context of the world of speech and debate competition, its biblical principles are transferable to any arena of competition.  And so I am sharing them with you all, and I pray they will inspire you to seek the Lord’s wisdom regarding each of the competitions in your life’s context. My vision is that our children would whole-heartedly and unreservedly TRUST GOD to lead all their preparations and practice, to empower them to please Him with their conduct and performance, and to direct ALL the results to accomplish His perfect purposes in their lives and in the lives they will touch.  In short, I pray that they would connect their life purpose and their vision of success with their trust in God.  Trusting God not only brings greater effectiveness, but is incredibly freeing! I encourage you to read the series together as a...