Beyond Trophies: Navigating the World of Competition With a Biblical Compass

The whole world is about competition.  From backyard races to the Olympics, 4-H projects to corporate promotions, sports to scholarships, and from music contests to family room Monopoly games, competition is everywhere.  Competition drives a free economy.  And even the IAHE sponsors photography, art, and essay contests at convention time.  The standards our children use […]

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IAHE Convention Special Presentations for Grandparents

Grandparents of Homeschoolers

Grandparents are a special resource for the homeschool family. Grandparents of Homeschoolers will be having presentations at the IAHE Convention designed especially for them.  Grandparents are FREE with the purchase of a family pass. Grandparents – Me? Involved? How? – This workshop will explore why we as grandparents should be involved with our grandchildren’s lives as much as possible including […]

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Evolution’s Finest?

Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a debate between creationist Jay Wile (PhD nuclear chemistry) and evolutionist Robert A. Martin (PhD zoology).  I was absolutely amazed at the depth of evidence, or rather I should say lack thereof, presented by the evolutionist.  Allow me to impress you with an example.  Early in […]

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