Our friends at Hoosiers Against Common Core have uncovered very troubling information regarding the Common Core Review Committee.

Indiana Common Core Review: A Stacked Deck?

By Heather Crossin

If you were going to the trial of someone accused of murdering a loved one, would it concern you if almost 50% of the jury had signed statements that they believed the accused was innocent?  Would you consider such a jury to be “fair” and “neutral?”  Would you believe that the “process” of our judicial system alone would compensate for the obvious built-in bias of the jury?  Would you expect anything other than a “not guilty” verdict?

The absurdity of the questions above, demonstrate exactly what is being asked of Hoosier citizens regarding the Common Corer Standards review.  They are being told to put their faith in the “process,” and to ignore the fact that the deck is clearly stacked in favor of Common Core.  Of course, it should be noted, were it not for the leadership of Indiana State Board of Education (SBOE) Member Brad Oliver, there might not be any review occurring at all right now.  He successfully broke the grid-lock of dysfunction that plagued the SBOE all Fall, due to Superintendent Ritz’s conflict with the other members.

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