CREW 4:12

2014 IAHE Convention CREW 4:12 Staff Program
{1 Timothy 4:12}

Crew-logo-smallDue to the large amount of interest in the program, we have reached our space limited attendee cap and are no longer accepting registrations.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

The IAHE is excited to offer this unique opportunity for the first time to the young men and women attending our Joy in the Journey conference. Young adults ages 13 thru 19 are invited to participate in the CREW 4:12 teen staff program, which is a three part mix of working essential Convention jobs, attending motivating and educational workshops, and participating in leadership and team building activities. Each participant will be placed on a team and over the two days of the convention, and the teams will rotate through the workshops, activities, and service jobs. CREW 4:12 is a two-day staff commitment in which teens are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner as serving the Lord, as well as representing the IAHE, convention leaders, and speakers. For the benefit of the program as a whole, teens who are disrespectful and/or uncooperative will be excused from the program.

These exclusive workshops are tailored just for CREW 4:12 and will challenge, motivate, and encourage the young adults in attendance. The IAHE is excited to have presentations by William Federer, Israel Wayne, and Peter Heck. They will learn about the authority of Scripture, how to defend your faith, why we homeschool, the history of homeschooling, and an amazing lecture by William Federer, Change to Chains: The 6000 Year Quest for Global Control.

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, your teens will love our activities which will get their blood pumping and encourage creative thinking. Each team will work and learn together throughout the convention, and the activities time will provide a fun break as well as help them build teamwork, develop leadership skills, and create camaraderie among the team members.

The teen staff can look forward to a great time, but it isn’t just fun and games. They will also have a chance to learn about leadership and responsibility first hand as they confront real challenges and help fill essential staff roles that are vital to the success of the Convention.

Required Attendance & Safety
All participants are expected to arrive at or before 8:15 AM both days, and will be dismissed at 5:45 PM on Friday and 6:00 PM on Saturday. There will be an hour allotted for lunch both days, and if a participant finishes lunch early, they may use the remaining time to browse the exhibit hall. There will also be an hour on Saturday for participants to take a break or visit the exhibit hall. The members of the Crew 4:12 Staff Program will be in groups of at least two people at all times, and will stay inside the convention buildings unless accompanied by an adult. 

The program will cost $10 per attendee, however lunch will be provided both days and each participant will receive an IAHE Crew 412 shirt to wear for the duration for the program. We hope to see you there and if you have any questions, please feel free to email the coordinator John-Paul Franks at

Print this information: Crew 412.

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