2014 Convention Handouts

Jodi Smith What is Good Nutrition? Find the YOU Diet You Diet slide notes  How to read labels Dr.Crooks questionaire -YOU Diet Chart of High Antioxidant Foods Big list of culinary vegetables  Jodi Smith Tasty and Nutritious Meals  Big list of culinary vegetables Gluten Free Tips Good nutrition on the go How to read labels […]

Penny’s Picks – Resource Recommendations for Homeschoolers

From IAHE Board Member, Penny Taylor: I’m sure you’ve notice that there are certainly a bunch of homeschooling resources out there!  How do you know where to begin?  I’ve been a homeschooling mom for 27 years and I’ve got a few suggestions for you to consider.  Reading books about homeschooling can help you solidify greatly […]

Struggling Learners

The first place the IAHE recommends for Indiana families with Struggling Learners is a visit toJoyQuest, the ministry of Ron and Vicky Broadfield. JoyQuest offers faith-based support to families with special needs children and struggling learners with a focus on the educational challenges. Parents have a God-given responsibility to train and instruct their children.  While parenting itself has […]

Virtual Charter Schools

Have you seen advertisements for free accredited “homeschooling” programs? IAHE defines homeschooling as home-based, parent-directed, privately-funded education. Watch the trailer below to understand a bit about our concerns. Contact your IAHE Region Representative if you’d like to see the entire video.

Helpful Driver’s License Information

Since many Indiana home educators teach their students to drive, here is helpful information regarding the process:* Indiana BMV Learner’s Permit information: You must be 16 to get your learner’s permit in Indiana, if you are not enrolled in a paid driver’s ed class endorsed by the State. Link below provides you with a list […]